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What Our Clients Say

A Partnership with Our Clients and Their Employees

CLIENT IXIA - Kerrin Turrow, Senior Director of Human Resources


EMPLOYEES 2,000 (900 in the United States)

WHAT IXIA DOES Ixia's solutions test, assess, and optimize networks and data centers to accelerate and secure application delivery. They provide network testing, security enhancements and network monitoring worldwide.

OVERVIEW “I first worked with Neovia in 1998 while employed at another company," says Turrow. “When I joined Ixia seven years ago, I brought Neovia on for one very simple reason: I consider them to be invaluable partners. They make it possible for my team and I to do our jobs more effectively and to offer our employees an exceptional level of service and benefits."

EVERYONE BENEFITS “We want Ixia to be known as a great company to work for, and one of the ways we do that is by offering high-end employee benefits at competitive, affordable prices. By negotiating competitive insurance options, Neovia helps us accomplish that."

REAL RESULTS “Neovia's client care advocates save our employees time, stress and money. An employee recently dropped by my office to tell me how grateful she was to have Neovia in her corner. When she was diagnosed with cancer, she chose an out-of-network oncologist. Her share of the doctor's bill was $33,000. We put her in touch with a Neovia client care advocate, who was able to negotiate her bill down to $6,000. Not only did they save the employee a significant amount of money, they also helped reduce her stress at a time when it really mattered."

BY THE NUMBERS “Neovia provides an actuarial service that helps us better understand the current market. They help us assess and compare the costs and benefits of our insurance plan with competitive plans. This information helps us in planning and in maintaining our insurance rates at competitive prices. Neovia also has longstanding relationships with various insurance providers, which results in cost savings to our company and our employees."

THE PERSONAL TOUCH “Neovia recently worked with us to launch an employee wellness program for the 300 employees at our Calabasas headquarters, as well as at our larger sites across the country. It's been a great success, and our employees are seeing real results. The team at Neovia impresses me by consistently going above and beyond."

THE BOTTOM LINE “Neovia treats us like we're their biggest, most important client. They've proven to be creative and collaborative in helping us develop strategies and solutions that benefit both our company and our employees. They're proactive, they're responsive, and they're reliable. They're more than a good company-they're good people."

"Working with Neovia over the years has proven to be a beneficial partnership and I appreciate their excellent customer focus, prompt responsiveness and overall professionalism. Neovia is also very dedicated in helping clients navigate through the on-going complexities of the health insurance industry. I would highly recommend Neovia to any organization looking for a broker that will go above and beyond when it comes to customer satisfaction."
Andrea Tressler,
Human Resources Manager
"We continue to be impressed with your ability to make us feel special, as if we are your only client. Your staff provides timely and outstanding service and has surpassed our expectations in every way. We appreciate Jeff's expertise and knowing he represents BEGA's best interest...he is a strategic thinker, resourceful, and has integrity. NEOVIA is a cutting edge company that offers first class service."
Erma Leticia Cervantes,
Director of Human Resources
"We could not be more pleased with the services we receive from Neovia. We have a small HR team and a large employee population, so being able to rely on the client care advocates to handle the day-to-day administrative tasks for us is a huge burden lifted off HR's task plate. Even better, the advocates do their work the same way HR does - professionally, competently and confidentially. We recently began outsourcing our COBRA admin with Neovia, which was a flawless transition. Jeff Yoos and his team have brought us great ideas for our Wellness Program, and we look forward to working with Jeff and his team for years to come, implementing health/wellness programs and many other Neovia services to VCCU."
Laura Fog, SPHR,
Director of Human Resources
Ventura County Credit Union
"We were reluctant to change insurance agencies, even though we knew Neovia had a terrific reputation. Neovia presented a case for using them to help our employees navigate the health care system, but still we doubted that using an intermediary would be more efficient than working directly with the carrier. But over the last 8 years we continue to have our service expectations exceeded. Our employees rave about the results Neovia gets, relieving the tension and frustration many of our employees feel when they are trying to find their own way. Neovia gets results and allows our employees to spend their time getting and staying healthy."
Gordon Morrell,
Chief Operating Officer
Yardi Systems
"Continue to be very impressed with the quality of your organization-caliber of people, level of responsiveness, quality of collateral materials, etc. Very refreshing to encounter a business that truly "gets it"..what level of performance is required to stay ahead of the competition. Kudos."
Sherri Pastorino,
Director of Human Resources
IntriPlex Technologies
"Neovia's level of service excellence outshines every other brokerage company I have worked with. Neovia has a highly skilled staff that is truly committed to serving their clients. Neovia has been (and continues to be) an invaluable business partner."
Diany Klein,
Vice President, Human Resources
Community Memorial Health Systems
“I recently spoke at a meeting with approximately 200 business people in attendance. Two individuals approached me and told me that they went out of their way to meet me personally and tell me something. They both ended up being employees at one of Neovia's clients. They both Raved about our Customer Service and named an individual CCA by name that consistently helped them. Rather than acknowledge one individual, I wanted to personally thank each and every one of you for the great job that you do every day. Rain or shine. Good hair day or bad hair day. Feeling happy or dealing with life's struggles. Each of you consistently do the right thing and make our clients better off by helping. Thanks for making a Difference.”
Jeffrey Slay
“Just a quick note about the online was fabulous. It was a great tool, intuitive, easy to use and understand; never has managing benefits been easier for me. And, I'm sure I'm not alone in my thinking. Even better yet, our employees might feel better equipped to be in control of and manage their benefits options. Also, I really appreciate the efforts that went in to moving the process online. Really terrific, thanks a million.”
“I just wanted to take a minute and recognize Callie for her efforts and performance during open enrollment meetings this year. She has been easy to work with, available and her presentation style worked very nicely in all our locations. I wanted you to know that she has been a real pleasure to work with and deserves kudos all around! I'm sure the rest of the team are also worthy of a shout out as well!”
“Thank you so much for all of your help with our account last week. You all at Neovia are just wonderful!!”
“You ROCK! Thanks for your great service, as always!”
“Just wanted to send a note on what a great job NEOVIA is doing. Long story short - I would have spent no telling hours, emails & phone calls on this but because of the job NEOVIA did it took three emails - 2 of which were thanks for keeping me updated. We all have our plates full & it sure is good to have someone remove a few headaches.”
“Just wanted to pass along that I got great support from Greta on getting a refund check from a local medical provider. It took several months, due to the red tape she had to go through, but she got it done. My experience with them was great.”
“We appreciate all your efforts and working so diligently with our insurance carrier. We had three employees impacted and they are very happy with the special care you gave them. ”
“I thought you should know that Amanda did a fantastic job of sorting things out. She was very professional, responsive and kept me abreast of how things were progressing. ”
“Thanks for the quick response; you are a true customer service professional. ”
“I just wanted to let you know what a huge help both Teresa and Maria have been in helping us resolve prescription issues. Both were wonderful and very attentive and Teresa really went above and beyond to help us sort everything out. ”
“Thank you for a job well done! Stephanie did a wonderful job, you made it look easy! ”
“Thank you for a prompt and thorough response. You have exceeded my expectations!”
“Thank you so much for your help. It was quick and easy and I received all of the information I needed within minutes. After we hung up, I also called my husband's company to let them know how wonderful your services are and they should continue doing business with your company for a long time to come. Thanks again!”
“Thank you so much for your efforts. I really appreciate your attention to this. I know you went way beyond the call of duty and I think most people would have given up a long time before you did. Thank you again.”
“I wanted to let you know how helpful Neovia was in dealing with the aftermath—numerous bills—from my surgery. All I had to do was send them the invoices as they came in, and the representatives at Neovia took it from there. Throughout the process they kept me updated with phone calls every few weeks. Thank you for providing this extra benefit!”