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Neovia Experience


Benefits Administration

Question: "So, what is it that you guys do?"

As much as it hurts to say it, the easiest way for us to describe what we do in an "elevator speech" is that we're benefits brokers and administrators.

We understand benefits. We understand compliance. If you want a partner that spends 80% of their energy on traditional benefits and compliance, we're probably not the right group. Yes, we do both of those well (but so does everyone else that's successful in this market).

Question: "So, what makes you different?"

What makes us different is much more interesting. Neovia manages company employee benefits with a skillful balance of financial modeling and data analysis, combined with a commitment to exceptional and compassionate client service.

With Neovia, companies experience health insurance professionals working to maximize and manage all aspects of their employee benefits programs so they don’t have to. Employers enjoy these value-added services at no additional cost. Although it doesn’t cost more to work with Neovia, it certainly pays off.