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Sophisticated Modeling and
Data Analysis

Solid Figures Make Solid Futures

At Neovia, we know that your employee health benefits are an intricate balance—you want to provide your employees with the best possible health care in a way that makes financial sense for your company’s future. Using sophisticated modeling with the latest insurance cost data, Neovia gives clients concrete steps to off-set rising health care costs, resulting in real savings over the long-term .

Neovia’s qualified and experienced Analysts work directly alongside a team of Third-Party Independent actuaries. Through this relationship, Neovia has access to reporting which was developed to specifically address the needs of mid-market employers looking for more sophisticated financial and actuarial analyses.

The powerful analysis tools and key features of the reporting include:

  • Plan Design Analysis
  • Renewal Evaluation
  • Stop-Loss Analysis
  • Self-Insured Feasibility Analysis
  • Merger and Acquisition Assessment